Wheelchair accessible transport in Wicklow and South County Dublin

Getting you where you want to go, when you want to go

Easi Access Transport established Easi-Cab Travel Club as a Not for Profit Irish Charity in 2002, which offers an accessible transport service to people with disabilities, mobility impairments and community groups.  This service is known as an accessible, affordable and reliable transport service for people, who are unable to access public transport.  It operates from North County Wicklow and throughout Wicklow and South County Dublin.  

It is seen as a transport link for people of all ages, which enables them to enjoy a better quality of life by participating in sport, education, training, clubs and many other activities.

Joining Easi-Cab

To join you can apply online, or you can print the Membership Form and send it to us. Membership is only €20 per year.

Our Vehicles

The Easi-Cab buses can take one, two, or three wheelchairs plus carers and/or passengers with mobility issues who require assistance and help when travelling.  These vehicles are fully fitted with a lift or ramp and can accommodate chairs of all sizes - manual or powered. Follow this link for more information on our wheelchair vehicles.

Homelink, our partner project is also based in Bray

HomeLink is Easi Access Transport’s second programme which was established in 2008.

If your parent, relative or neighbour would like to attend social events, could benefit from HomeLink's friendly calls, gardening, maintenance, or the installation of security features in the home please contact HomeLink today. For more information, visit HomeLink's website.