Frequently Asked Questions

Easi-Cab bus fleet

Frequently asked questions are a great way of sharing information.  Many of our members have had the same concerns as you have so we have collected the most frequently asked here with  answers that we hope will help you to see the benefits that club membership can bring.

If you have not found the answer that you are looking for or if you need further clarification, you can contact us by phone or email.

1.  How many wheelchairs can travel together?

We can accommodate up to three wheelchairs in a single mini bus.  However, most of our fleet is equipped to take two wheelchairs while our smallest vehicle take a single wheelchair.  Remember,  Carers travel free and we can take up to six additional passengers with a wheelchair.

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2.  How much notice must I give to book a trip?

We always try to accommodate our members. However, early booking is always advised.

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3.  How does the Easi-Cab door-to-door service work?

The Easi-Cab door-to-door service is a membership service which you pre-book. You may have to travel with other passengers going in the same direction and may have your journey time extended by picking up or dropping off others on the way to your destination.

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4.  Who is eligible for the Easi-Cab door-to-door service membership?

To be eligible you must have a permanent or long-term disability or be an older person over 65 years of age who is mobility impaired.

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5.  Can a visitor to the area use the Easi-Cab door-to-door service?

Yes, Easi-Cab offers membership for visitors who meet with our membership criteria. You will need to complete a membership form and return it, together with dates of your visit and the address where you are staying.

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Bus with Wheelchair Ramp

6.  Can Easi-Cab carry my wheelchair or scooter?

If you are considering buying a new wheelchair or scooter, we recommend that you contact us before you make a purchase. We can then advise you whether it can be carried on our vehicles.

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7.  How can I make a complaint?

If you have a problem with your booking or journey please phone our office on (01) 276 5488 in the first instance.

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8.  How far in advance can I book my journey?

Most journeys are booked 48 hours in advance, but we can sometimes accommodate requests made on shorter notice, if space has become available due to cancellations.

You can request a booking up to two weeks in advance if your journey is time critical and you need to arrive at a very specific time (e.g. for a meeting, appointment or special family event). We will let you know if we can accommodate your request within one working day, to give you time to make alternative arrangements if we cannot find a slot to match your requirements.

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9.  What are the opening times for the booking lines?

Our door-to-door service booking office is open:

  • 08.30am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday
  • Please note all weekend bookings must be made in booking office hours above.

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10. What sort of trips can I use the Easi-Cab door-to-door service for?

It can be used to cover all sorts of journeys such as shopping, visiting friends, doctor or dentists appointments, hospital appointments, work, college etc.  You can also book longer trips and tours provided we have availability.

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11. How far can the Easi-Cab door-to-door service take me?

The door-to-door service can be used for any journey you wish to take provided we have availability.  Why not arrange a day out with your friends or family.  We can take up to 8 passengers.

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12. What type of vehicle will I be transported in?

All vehicles are specially adapted and wheelchair accessible. We allocate your journey to the most appropriate vehicle available at the time you want to travel.

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Using wheelchair ramp

13. What help can the drivers provide?

Drivers can provide assistance to and from your door to the vehicle, e.g. to help you with shopping bags. However, our drivers are not expected to provide assistance within the home or to provide passengers with personal assistance such as helping you to get dressed before you go out.

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14. Can I bring someone with me when travelling with the Easi-Cab door-to–door service?

Under normal circumstance we will carry one personal assistant free of charge for the duration of the members trip once we are informed at time of booking.

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15. Can I take my children with me?

Yes you can, but please tell our booking staff if that child is less than 12 years of age and less than 135 cm tall (4 ft 5 in).

This is because all drivers now have a legal responsibility to make sure that all children under 12 and under 135 cm tall are correctly secured in an appropriate car seat. If a child is under this height and you have made us aware of this at the time of booking, we will ensure that our driver picks you up equipped with and appropriate child seat.

If you are travelling with a child and have not given us the information that we need we will not necessarily have a suitable child seat on board and may not be able to transport the child, because we will not be in a position to carry the child legally and safely.

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16. Is there a limit to the amount of shopping or luggage I can travel with?

As we only have limited storage facilities on board our vehicles, passengers cannot normally travel with more than two average sized bags of shopping or their equivalent.

If you think you may want to travel with more shopping than this, or if you are intending to bring luggage with you, please ask our staff at time of booking whether space will be available.

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17. What if the Easi-Cab door to door service does not arrive as expected?

We can move your pick up time by up to 15 minutes either side of your requested time. However, if you have been waiting more than 15 minutes beyond the agreed time, you should contact Easi-Cab to find out if there is a problem, such as a delay due to traffic congestion.

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18. What if I did not find the answer I am looking for?

If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us by phone or email.

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