New Adventures for those with Disabilities

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The sport and hobby of sailing is certainly an activity many people will take part in. No matter where in the world you may live, as long as there is a body or water nearby - the sea or a grand lake - you can venture out on the blue waters and enjoy this sport.

Disabled Sailing

A question will arise, however, regarding this activity. Some will wonder if it is a proven sport for those that may have a disability. The short answer is there really is no preclusion in any way.

Regardless of your disability, it is possible to take part in and enjoy the wonderful world of sailing. The ultimate goal of sailing is to relax, have fun, and take part in an activity that is both challenging and uniquely rewarding. Anyone with the desire and motivation to learn how to sail will find it a worthwhile pursuit.

The key word here is learn because you cannot just take a sailboat out on the sea or a lake and enjoy the ride. You will need to learn the basics of how to sail which includes how to operate the sailboat, how to employ proper safety on the water, and yes, you will need to know all applicable maritime and local laws. Is it difficult to find a school which can instill such a sailing education? No, it is not tough at all since sailing is such an amazingly popular sport. Additionally, there are many uniquely crafted programs which are specifically designed for teaching those with disabilities how to sail.

There is a program called Sailability which is a structured system for teaching those with disabilities how to sail. 60 chapters of this program are available in Australia and they are accessible to anyone that wishes to learn the basics of sailing. And no, you need not live in Australia to take advantage of such a program as they can be found anywhere in the world where sailing is popular.

Under various names, Sailability operates in Australia, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Timor Leste and USA with new national Sailability organisations currently being established in all parts of the world.

You just might have to do a little research in order to find a local qualified instructor. Then again, you could always email a national organization that sponsors the training of persons with disabilities.

In addition to Sailability, there are other organizations which help promote such education including The Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario (DSAO), US Sailing - Sailors with Disabilities Council, and the Disabled Sports USA, among others. Contacting these organizations could help direct you towards a local training service in your area.

Disabled Sailing

Who knows? Once you learn the basics of sailing, you may even get bitten by the competition bug. It happens to everyone that discovers they have a skill that is beyond the mere hobbyist pursuit of sailing.

Seriously, if you discover you are really talented at sailing you may wish to take advantage of your skills and enter a competition.

Of course, you have to start somewhere and that begins with a learning program which is why you are advised to contact one of the aforementioned organizations.

The Tall Ships

Tall ship sailing with the Jubilee Sailing Trust provides everyone the thrill and adventure of life at sea and you can be involved in almost every activity on board. Take the helm, set the sails and keep watch, all regardless of your physical ability and previous sailing knowledge. 


The Jubilee Sailing Trust, is a registered charity that owns and operates Lord Nelson and Tenacious. These are the only two tall ships in the world designed and built to enable people of all physical abilities to sail side-by-side as equals.

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