Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are now available for all ages from as young as 12 months.  Studies have shown that very young children learn cause and effect more rapidly when controlling a powered mobility aid than they do when using a single switch toy.

The freedom that such a chair gives improves many life skills.  It improves the opportunity and ability to socialise. Improves independence; opens up access to sports and leisure activities, and can improve ability in the work place.

Safety is paramount when using all power assisted mobility devices.  It is essential that the user, when travelling out alone has a means of contacting support should there be a mechanical or other malfunction. Easi-Cab may not be able to fix the problem but we should be able to get you home safely, with your wheelchair. Keep our number with you. Contact details for powered wheelchairs users here and don't forget to check our office hours.

Here is the type of wheelchair that I love.

Multi function wheelchair

The chair raises and lowers the seating height so that you can sit comfortably at a table or reach those annoying kitchen wall cabinets.  It allows you to lay back and relax in the reclined position or even stand up at the bar!

Being out with friends it is great to be able to face them eye-to-eye.  It makes such a difference.

When buying a powered mobility aid, be it a Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter you really need to consider some or all of the following issues.

Access: will it fit where you want to go?  Consider width, length, and turning circle (the amount of space required to do a full 360° turn). Is there a convenient power point for recharging the battery.  Do you need spare batteries that can charge while you use the device.  Are the batteries easily accessible and do you have the assistance needed to maintain the battery charge if you cannot do it yourself.

Speed: Consider the distances you will be travelling. It is little use having a great battery life if it takes you all day to get anywhere.  Also, consider the terrain around where you live and where you will be travelling.  If there are hills you may want to investigate the maximum gradient that the machine can cope with.

Rapid recharge: Some models boast a rapid recharge. Check this out to ensure that the model you buy will be fit for purpose.

Transportability: If you intend taking it on the bus, or other public transport service make sure that it is not too big.  And don't forget to give Easi-Cab a call so that we can assure you that you can take it with you when you travel with us.

Most importantly, visit the supplier and get advice. Reputable suppliers will provide you with all the support and training required. Get references from other users and satisfy yourself that any service that the machine may need from time to time will be carried out within reasonable time and cost.

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