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Powered wheelchairs are now available for children of 12 months and up. It has been shown that very young children learn cause-and-effect more rapidly when controlling a powered mobility aid than they do when using a single switch toy.

The freedom given by such a chair improves many life skills, increasing opportunities to socialise and making socialising easier. They improve independence, increase opportunities to participate in sport and leisure activities, and may help improve ability in the work place.

Of paramount importance when using all power assisted mobility devices, is personal safety. When travelling out alone the user MUST have a way of calling for support should there be a mechanical breakdown or battery failure.

With regards to the products below, all prices are current as of Feb, 2013.

Powered Chairs

Pride Go-Chair

Price: $1,449.00

The Pride Go-Chair is a lightweight and maneuverable power chair. It has a turning radius of only 19 inches, making it great for indoor use. The Go-Chair can be taken apart quickly into 4 easy-to-manage pieces that can be placed into the trunk of a c... Read More

Pride Jazzy Select Traveller

Price: $2,186.19

The Jazzy Select Traveller by Pride Mobility is a lightweight power chair that can be easily transported. This portable electric wheelchair supports up to 300 pounds and has a turning radius of 22.75 inches. Inline motors, enhanced batteries, and a 4... Read More

Golden Alante

Price: $2,825.91

Golden Technologies Alante Electric Power Wheelchair has a large range and is still very maneuverable. With its low center of gravity, it can offer excellent stability and 4 inch anti-tip wheels help increase security.The Alante has an automatic char... Read More

Pride Jazzy Select 14

Price: $3,499.00

Pride's Jazzy Select 14 is the big brother of the Jazzy Select, which is Pride's #1 selling power chair. The Jazzy Select 14 can support up to 300 pounds and has a turning radius of 21 inches. Its 14 inch knobby drive wheels, coupled with Active-Trac... Read More

Pride Jazzy 614

Price: $3,529.00

The Jazzy 614 by Pride Mobility uses a 160 watt in-line motor and ATX suspension to provide a smooth ride and long range. It is packed with great features that improve safety, convenience, and comfort. Easy rear-access batteries ensure that swapping ... Read More

Pride Jazzy 600

Price: $3,529.00

The Jazzy 600 by Pride Mobility is built on the "Mid-Wheel 6" platform, which offers excellent stability and performance. It is designed to be used over many terrains and will perform well on uneven ground. Independent active OMNI-Casters a... Read More

Pride Jazzy Select 6

Price: $3,529.00

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 is modeled after Pride Mobility's Jazzy Select Power Chair, which is their best selling model. The Jazzy Select 6 has dual in-line motors, which boosts performance, range, and acceleration. Its sleek narrow frame makes it gre... Read More

Pride Jazzy Select Elite

Price: $3,579.00

Pride's Jazzy Select Elite power wheelchair is built for maneuverability, smooth rides, and easy maintenance. Active-Trac suspension makes this power chair ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and the in-line front wheel drive system keeps turning ... Read More

Pride Jazzy 1113 ATS

Price: $3,599.00

The Jazzy 1113 ATS Power Wheelchair has a compact frame and a low center of gravity, which helps to improve stability and performance on ramps and other uneven or rough surfaces. Active-Trac suspension further stabilizes this excellent do-it-all powe... Read More

Golden Compass

Price: $3,699.00

The Golden Compass uses a mid-wheel drive system that increases maneuverability, while still providing excellent stability. It is great for both indoor and outdoor use. One of the great things about the Golden Compass is its adjustable seat, which ca... Read More

Pride Jazzy 614 HD

Price: $3,699.00

Pride Mobility's Jazzy 614 HD is a heavy duty electric power chair that is highly advanced. It uses enhanced in-line motors and advanced ATX suspension to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety. Rear-access batteries and a removeable shroud that ... Read More

Golden Compass HD

Price: $4,266.88

The Golden Compass HD handles users up to 450 pounds with ease, while still offering a wide range of adjustments and available options. The Compass HD features a fully programmable Dynamic Shark controller that will keep you in control of its powerfu... Read More

Pride Jazzy 1170 XL Plus

Price: $4,499.00

The Heavy Duty Jazzy 1170 XL Plus supports up to 500 pounds and with its two-motor design, it is capable of performing well even when it is at its weight limit. Using Pride Mobility's Active Trac Suspension and a compact frame, this electric power ch... Read More

Pride Jazzy 1650

Price: $7,799.00

The Jazzy 1650 Electric Power Chair by Pride Mobility features an extra-wide seat and an industry leading weight capacity of 650 pounds. With its reinforced frame, upgraded motors, upgraded anti-tip wheels, and advanced batteries, this electric power... Read More

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