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Powered chairs

You can now get a powered wheelchair for any age user, from 12 months and up. Very young children learn cause and effect faster when in control of a powered mobility aid than they do when using a single switch toy.

The freedom that comes with a powered chair enhances many aspects of life. There are more and better opportunities to socialise, improved independence, easier access to sport and leisure activities, and perhaps improved ability in the work place.

Safety must be of the highest concern when users travel out alone, and they MUST have a way of contacting support if there is a battery problem or a breakdown.

With regards to the products below, all prices are current as of Feb, 2013.

Powered chairs

Pride Electric Go-Chair Pride Electric Go-Chair

Price: £1,500.00

The Go-Chair is a compact electric wheelchair that can be used indoors and outside. Equipped with dual motors and a joystick control, which can be set on either the left or right hand side. It is lightweight and dismantles into 4 pieces making it easy to put in the boot of a car for days out with friends or shopping trips. As the tyres are solid, there is no risk of punctures when out and about. The Go-Chair has a maximum speed of 3.5mph and is capable of travelling 10 miles between charges. The battery can be charged directly or via the joystick controller.

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Ultra-Lite Power Chair 765 Ultra-Lite Power Chair 765

Price: £1,537.99

A revolution in electric wheelchair technology, the Ultra-Lite features all the usual benefits of a standard power chair including manoeuvrability and easy positioning close to work surfaces. In addition its two step disassembly process is a real winner for transportation.

Detachable padded seat with fold down back and drop down / width adjustable padded armrests for storage. Puncture proof tyres. Rear wheel drive. The seat also detaches for use as deck chair. Controls may be fitted for left or right handed user. Quick release detachable battery makes it possible to charge the battery while it is attached to the chair, or you can leave the chair in the boot of your car whilst charging the battery in the home.

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Attendant Controled We-Go Electric Wheelchair Attendant Controled We-Go Electric Wheelchair

Price: £1,750.00

Manoeuvrable attendant operated powerchair. Dismantles into easy manageable parts to fit in the car. Off board charging and comfort seating. 5.5 miles range and user weight up to 17.8 stone.

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Energi Electric WheelChair Energi Electric WheelChair

Price: from £1,795.00

The Enigma Energi Lightweight Electric Wheelchair has many luxury features normally found on the most expensive of chairs yet is surprisingly affordable. It is easy to handle and is extremely responsive, has a very small turning circle and is a pleasure to sit in.

The Enigma Energi Lightweight models are the ultimate in providing comfort and style with extra luxury features built in as standard. Key features include:

The chair comes complete with many additional features and can be configured to your specifications.

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Quickie Tango Tilt In Space Powerchair Quickie Tango Tilt In Space Powerchair

Price: £2,750.00

Quickie Tango has been specifically made for those who need an efficient, affordable power wheelchair - but with a little bit extra. Compact, sleek & minimalist - Tango offers style, performance & function without any compromise on quality. Indoors or out, performance is ensured with articulating drive wheel suspension, high torque motors, 17" seat height & narrow 58cm width. With powered tilt-in-space as standard, a comfortable seating position & pressure redistribution can be achieved quickly & easily.

The Tango features adjustable seating, articulating suspension, and a range of options including comfort seating, a manual or powered reclining back, manual elevating leg rests, choice of wheel size, lights and indicators and a kerb climber (which can clear kerbs of up to 10 cm (4")) - all of which can be easily retro-fitted in minutes.

The programmable VR2 electronics system can be tailored to the needs of every user and can accommodate all the available powered options.

Flexibility, adaptability and efficiency - that's what Tango is all about.

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E-Fix Converts Manual Chair Into Power Chair E-Fix Converts Manual Chair Into Power Chair

Price: £3,509.00

With e-fix, the electrical add-on drive for your manual wheelchair, you can cover long distances quickly and easily. The conversion is so easy: just swap the drive wheels and install the battery pack and control unit – all done. The motors are neatly concealed within the wheel hubs. Almost all current types of wheelchair can be retrofitted with e-fix in this way. This means that you can continue to use a wheelchair that has been optimally adjusted to suit you. With the big plus of considerably more mobility, the powerful e-fix can handle ramps and gradients of up to 20% with no trouble at all.

It is so easy to control your wheelchair with e-fix you can get used to it almost at once. Buttons that are clearly arranged and easy to reach on the control unit ensure the easiest possible handling. You always have all the important information clearly in view on the easily legible display. The backlit display can be read easily, even in the dark.

A big advantage of the e-fix is its low weight. This makes it very easy to load into a car. Just undo the quick-release device and the e-fix components can be removed from the wheelchair in a moment, without the need for any tools. No part weighs more than 9 kg (19lb) Once dismantled, the e-fix finds space in the back of any car. It‘s just as quick and easy to reassemble when at your destination.

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Mobie Folding Scooter Mobie Folding Scooter

Price: from £1,895.00

The Mobie folding scooter is the smallest, lightest, simple to fold compact mobility scooter on the market. The MOBIE only weighs an incredible 22.6kg (50lbs), including the batteries. From its compact folded position to ready to use in just 5 seconds!!! It is so compact in size, you can even fit two in the back of most car boots.

A spare battery is available which sits in the floorpan giving you up to an extra 16km (10 miles) of travel before the batteries require charging. An off board charger is available so you can charge the batteries indoor whilst leaving your Mobie scooter in your car. Arm rests are also available for extra comfort. When your Mobie scooter is folded you can simply use the tiller handle to pull the scooter behind you like you would a carry case.

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› Powered Wheelchairs in the EU and UK