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Manual wheelchairs, are those that require human power to move them. Many manual wheelchairs can be folded for storage or placement into a vehicle, although modern wheelchairs are just as likely to be rigid framed.

Manual or self-propelled wheelchairs are propelled by the occupant, usually by turning the large rear wheels, from 20-24 inches (51–61 cm) in average diameter, and resembling bicycle wheels. The user moves the chair by pushing on the handrims, which are made of circular tubing attached to the outside of the large wheels. The handrims have a diameter that is slightly less than that of the rear wheels. Skilled users can control speed and turning and often learn to balance the chair on its rear wheels — do a wheelie. The wheelie is not just for show — a rider who can control the chair in this manner can climb and descend curbs and move over small obstacles.

Foot propulsion of the wheelchair by the occupant is also common for patients who have limited hand movement capabilities or simply do not wish to use their hands for propulsion. Foot propulsion also allows patients to exercise their legs to increase blood flow and limit further disability.

One-arm drive enables a user to guide and propel a wheelchair from one side. Two handrims, one smaller than the other, are located on one side of the chair, left or right. On most models the outer, or smaller rim, is connected to the opposite wheel by a folding axle. When both handrims are grasped together, the chair may be propelled forward or backward in a straight line. When either handrim is moved independently, the chair will turn left or right in response to the handrim used. Another alternative is LeverDrive chair that propels the chair forwards by using a lever that is pumped back and forth. Some chairs are also configured to allow the occupant to propel using one or both feet instead of using the rims.

With regards to the products below, all prices are current as of Feb, 2013.

Budget Steel S/P Folding Wheelchair Budget Steel S/P Folding Wheelchair

Price: £125.00

A well made and robust but economically priced steel wheelchair, ideal for those days out. The wheelchair boasts many features including adjustable swing away footrests and substantial 610mm (24") rear wheels.

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Aluminim Wheelchair S/P Aluminim Wheelchair S/P

Price: £189.00

Folding aluminium self propelled wheelchair with flip up under desk arms, swing away removable footrests, quick release rear wheels with pneumatic tyres, anti-tips, fold down backrest, seat belt, heel-loops and double cross brace.

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G Lite + 24" Wheelchair G Lite + 24" Wheelchair

Price: £295.00

As with the G Lite + 12" the G Lite + 24" is based on the very successful G Lite series. The Glite + 24" still has the lightweight frame (with a ten year frame warranty) but is now available with 24" self propel rear wheels.

The Rear wheels are fitted with Quick release pins, which means they can be removed in seconds making the chair extremely easy to transport. It still has the half folding backrest (with handy pocket on the back) and swing away removable footrests which all contribute to its very small transport size and weight.

In addition it has height adjustable armrests, which are not only great in helping to make the user as comfortable as possible, but due to the way they fold, it makes the chair perfect for using at a desk or table.

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Enigma Spirit Wheelchair S/P Enigma Spirit Wheelchair S/P

Price: £330.00

The new stylish Spirit wheelchair uses the latest in wheelchair design to produce an elegant yet highly practical wheelchair. The sculptured frame is constructed from lightweight aluminium for durability and responsiveness.

The wheelchair includes many features not normally found on wheelchairs in this price range. These include:

  • One-touch angle adjustable armrests
  • Folding frame with half-folding back mechanism
  • Swing out removable foot rests
  • Removable nylon seat and back cushions
  • Puncture-proof solid front and rear tyres
  • Long reach brake handles
  • Height adjustable anti-tip wheels
  • Quick release rear wheels
  • Available in yellow, silver, metallic red and metallic blue
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    Breezy Rubix SP Wheelchair Breezy Rubix SP Wheelchair

    Price: £546.00

    This chair is the ideal choice if you have multiple requirements that can be solved in one simple solution. It comes with the following adjustable parts as standard: Armrest length and height, seat height, seat depth, seat angle, footplate angle, centre of gravity, backrest height and tension. The RubiX design is built for a long life with an 'all aluminium' structure. The Rubix has been crashed tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19.

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    Tilt In Space Comfort Wheelchair Tilt In Space Comfort Wheelchair

    Price: £2,025.00

    Compact tilt in space wheelchair, patented rigid aluminium frame. Removable, height adjustable padded arm rests, padded calf supports and a three way adjustable head support.

    Elevating leg rests that move with the seat thus requiring no further adjustment.

    Special anatomic seat with removable, washable covers that mould to the users body giving added comfort and support.

    Crash tested making it ideal for use in motor vehicles.

    Thanks to the unique seat tilt features and the backrest, all adjustable through 2 separate actuators (continuous adjustment), the chair provides maximum comfort for user and attendant, as the seat / legrests tilt features are articulating (backrest joint axle and knee joint axle are in total harmony).

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