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Attendant-propelled chairs (or transport wheelchairs) are designed to be propelled by an attendant using the handles, and thus the back wheels are rimless and often smaller. These chairs are often used as 'transfer chairs' to move a patient when a better alternative is unavailable, possibly within a hospital, as a temporary option, or in areas where a user's standard chair is unavailable.

With regards to the products below, all prices are current as of Feb, 2013.

Budget Steel Transit Wheelchair Budget Steel Transit Wheelchair

Price: £110.00

Well made and robust but economically priced occasional use steel wheelchair, ideal for those days out. The wheelchair boasts many features including adjustable swing away footrests.

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Lightweight  Transit Wheelchair Lightweight Transit Wheelchair

Price: £135.99

The ROMA Medical Standard Car Transit Wheelchair 1100 has detachable padded arms, fold down backrest and height adjustable swing away detachable foot rests with heel loops.

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Aluminium Transit Z-Tec Wheelchair With Attendant Brakes Aluminium Transit Z-Tec Wheelchair With Attendant Brakes

Price: £175.00

Folding aluminium transit wheelchair in metallic burgundy or blue. Swing away removable footrests, puncture proof 20cm (8") front castors and 30cm (12") rear wheels, fold down backrest, seat belt, side skirts and heel-loops.

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Breezy Moonlight Transit Wheelchair Breezy Moonlight Transit Wheelchair

Price: £175.00

The Breezy Moonlite wheelchair is the market leader with regards to safety, quality and durability. Built to last, the Breezy Moonlite is the only chair in its class to have passed Crash Testing, going through stringent quality tests to make sure you have one of the safest products on the market, that will go the distance.

Highlights: Attendant brake control, Seat belt, Half-folding backrest for ease of transport, Leg-rests swing in and out, Easily folded for compact storage, Padded upholstery for comfort.

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Heavy Duty Transit Wheelchair Heavy Duty Transit Wheelchair

Price: from £299.00

Heavy duty wheelchairs are manufactured from a heavier gauge steel tubing than the standard wheelchairs. All areas of the chair under most stress are reinforced and a double cross bar gives extra strength. The upholstery is double thickness to give extra support, and have detachable armrests and swing away/detachable footrests with calf strap.

Features: Folding frame, 30cm (12") pneumatic rear tyres, 20cm (8") solid front castors, Weighs 22kg (48lb), Maximum user weight 140kg (22st).

Options: Folding Backrest, Puncture Proof Tyres, Seat widths 20" or 22".

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Karma Ergo Lite 2 Transit Wheelchair Karma Ergo Lite 2 Transit Wheelchair

Price: £345.00

The new Ergo Lite 2 weighs just 8.7kg (19lbs) complete, has detachable footrest hangers and is a great addition to our range of lightweight wheelchairs. It has the same Aegis microbe shield and shaped seat as the rest of the Ergo range. The S-Ergo seat promotes pressure redistribution and helps prevent the user sliding down the seat. The Ergo Lite 2 still has the build quality you would expect from a Karma wheelchair in spite of its incredible lightness.

Features: Half folding back rest for easy transportation. Fixed armrest and footrest hangers. Folding frame. Comfortable & durable upholstery

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Heavy Duty Maxi Meteor Transit Wheelchair Heavy Duty Maxi Meteor Transit Wheelchair

Price: from £1,093.68

This heavy duty transit wheelchair is the right chair to create this balance between functionality and discrete appearance. Capable of carrying people from medium to heavy weight (maximum 392 lbs - 28 stones) the Maxi Meteor is surprisingly slimline and unobtrusive. Featuring a folding backrest and frame, the entire assembly weighs only 54 lbs (24.5 kgs), making it a highly transportable heavy duty wheelchair. Built to last, at a really affordable price, the Maxi Meteor is available in a range of seat sizes, with adjustable height armrests and swing away footrests as standard.

Detachable, flip up height adjustable footrests, Comfort strut push bar, Detachable armrests with skirt guards.
32 cm (12 1/2") puncture proof rear wheels, 20cm (8") front castors, tyre inflater.
Lever type brakes. Heel loops. Durable wipe clean fire retardant upholstery.

Options & Accessories: Spoke guards, Adjustable calf strap, Adjustable waist belt, Cushion (2" or 3" thick), Thoracic supports, Puncture proof rear tyres, Anti tip rollers, Detachable elevating leg rests, Detachable foot board extensions, Detachable stump support, Detachable tray, Attendant operated brakes.

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