Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are now available in many different formats.  There are the traditional on-rail chairs that take a seated passenger slowly up or down a flight of stairs. There are lifts that allow a person to remain standing as they travel.  And there are lifts that allow a wheelchair user to remain in their wheelchair as it is moved up or down a flight of stairs.

These are the ideal piece of equipment to have fitted in the home to allow you greater freedom and the ability to keep your independence. Although your home may have suited all of your needs throughout the years, as you begin to age it can become a problem to reach all areas. The upper floors of your home may become an area that you are struggling to use. However, there are several different solutions that can help. 

There are several different, affordable options that you may want to consider rather than being forced to sell your home. Wheelchair Stair-Lifts are available as well as standard Stair-Lifts. It takes some people time to adjust to getting older or becoming ill. No one likes to admit that they cannot do things anymore, and that their once loved home is becoming restrictive. 

Making the decision to have Stair-Lifts fitted can be difficult, however, there is a vast choice of design and style to ensure that all of your needs are met. The most common design of Stair-Lifts are fitted with their own seat, and run on a track up and down the stairs. This allows the user to gain access to the upper levels of their home without having to struggle. 

The design of the Stair-Lifts allow them to be custom built to fit all stairs including ones with curves, no matter how big they are. There are many different features included in the Stair-Lifts to ensure that you can use them easily and comfortably. Swivel chairs, padded seats, foot rests and remote control units are just some of the features that are standard. 

If your movements are very restrictive, you may find that you are in a wheelchair, which no longer has to mean that you are confined to certain areas of your home. Wheelchair Stair-Lifts can be fitted in your home allowing you to move throughout the house. The wide platform on this style of Stair-Lifts allows the wheelchair to be positioned safely before commencing the journey up to the top floor of the house. 

Although the Wheelchair Stair-Lifts, are larger than other styles the base that is needed can be folded up against the wall when not in use, this will allow people easy access to the stairs. All styles of Stair-Lifts need to be professionally fitted to ensure that they are completely safe to use. It may seem that you are admitting that you need help and are getting old. However, it is far better for you to ask for this help and remain in you own home. 

Choosing the right company to install your Stair-Lift is essential to ensure that you not only receive the best price, but also excellent service, both pre and post sale. Although you want to pay a good price for the lift, safety is one of the biggest issues. You have to ensure that the Stair Lift is safe to use, to help ensure that your quality of life remains for many years to come.

 have an excellent guide to Stair Lifts (Choosing Equipment to Get Up and Down Stairs) identifying the lifts available on the Irish market.

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