Mobility Scooter Reviews

Lots of people have found a new lease of life when they started using Mobility Scooters. One such person is Hollie Vinson who was diagnosed with MS.  She says "I reached a turning point. . .  and began using a wheelchair or electric scooter to go places outside of my house. And I became a semi-functioning member of society again."

There are many great stories of people using their abilities in conjunction with mobility aids to change their lives for the better.

Simple pleasures like visiting the shops or going to the library or your local Café whenever it suits are opportunities to meet with friends and neighbours.  Many mobility challenged people lose out on these because the effort is too great.  As more and more public places cater for wheelchairs and scooters it may be time for you to consider getting out and enjoying life a little.

There are many classifications of scooters.  They range from ultra light to off-road and even sports scooters.  Which one is right for you will depend on how you wish to use it and the environment in which you live.  A city dweller's needs may be very different to that of someone living in the country or in sheltered accommodation.

If you drive yourself, or are a frequent car passenger, then consider how easy it will be to load and unload your scooter into the car.  There are some light machines that fold sufficiently small enough to fit in the boot of the average sized car.  Most specifications list the weight of the heaviest part of the scooter when dismantled.  This is very useful to know as you may be the person who has to lift it in and out of the boot.  Easi-Cab, of course, will allow you to drive straight onto our vehicle when taking your scooter with you.

The Go Go Elite Travellers are lightweight portable mobility scooters from Pride Scooters, making the most of the latest technology and are perhaps the easiest scooter to assemble and disassemble.  They offer the highest level of comfort. This mobility scooter is available in both 3 and 4 wheel models.

The product reviews I found were very good. 7 out of 9 people gave the “Go Go Elite Traveller” 5 out of 5.

Their opinions were that overall the scooter is easy to transport, has a sporty look, is simple to operate, and can clear most obstacles.  It is easy to take apart and put in the boot of your car and go. The bigger of the 2 batteries will last 3 days before needing recharging, though the manufacture states that the range of the scooter is subject to terrain, user weight and battery condition.

And now for some of the technical stuff:

Maximum Speed

Max User Weight

Ground Clearance

Turning Radius

Battery Size 12A/H

Battery Size 17A/H

4mph / 6kph


2.5" / 6.5cm

32.5" / 81.25cm

Max Range 16km / 10 miles

Max Range 21km / 13 miles

What real people had to say about them:

“I actually went fishing, just turned the seat sideways, it is so comfortable.”

"It’s nice to be able to go to concerts or other places that require a lot of walking which I can't do. The go-go has sure made me feel a lot more independent”

“The scooter gave me freedom to go where I wanted and saved friends from pushing a wheelchair. It literally took the place of the leg I lost.”

“I found it allows me to do everything in my job I use to do except one...  I can’t climb the ladder to the higher shelving.”

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