Mobility Resources

Your required mobility resources may be very specific and you may think that they are different from anyone else’s. However, out there someone has a solution that could improve your quality of life.  Furthermore, the pace of development in the area is hotting up with new and improved products becoming available.

Factors such as an ageing population, recent technological trends and the growing societal acceptance of people with disabilities are boosting the demand for mobility aids in Europe. The rising need for reliable and innovative mobility aids that will improve lifestyles will drive the development of the market.*

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, European Mobility Aids Markets, finds that the markets earned revenues of USD1.40 billion in 2007 and estimates this to reach USD1.82 billion by 2014.*

The powered wheelchair market has advanced due to innovation and intensifying competition between key incumbents and emerging market participants. The major challenge for companies will be to create extremely reliable and innovative mobility aids that will tangibly enhance the quality of life of customers.*

And of course, no matter what your mobility needs, Easi-Cabs are here to help you with our friendly, well trained drivers and modern fleet of easy-access vehicles.

The main mobility resources available are:

Accessible Vehicles
Mobility Scooters
Stair Lifts
Walking Aids
Wheelchairs - powered and manual
Wheelchair Accessories

Walking Aids:
Within each of these mobility resources there are many variants. Even the humble walking frame that gives additional support to maintain stability and balance whilst walking comes in many forms. There are simple Zimmer frames that the user pushes or lifts forward and then walks towards its new position. Then there are the wheeled varieties which come in three or four wheel versions. Coupled with these are the options of seats, brakes, and baskets to carry shopping or personal belongings. Visit our Walking Aids page for more options.

Wheelchairs linking your body to the world around you.

If you think wheelchairs are a bit restrictive check out the video to the left.

A wheelchair can liberate - ask someone with a spinal cord injury or an older person with arthritis. A wheelchair can open up the world outside the home. For the sports inclined a wheelchair can allow participation in many sporting activities such as marathons, basketball, and tennis.

Your wheelchair, like your shoes, needs to fit you. And like shoes it must reflect the purpose for which it is to be used. High fashion shoes on a farm or climbing a mountain would be most inappropriate. Likewise, a proper fit for purpose is essential if you are to maximize your potential and feel comfortable moving around in your world. Always remember Easi-Cabs will take you and your wheelchair, no matter how large it is, from door-to-door.  For more thoughts and ideas click here to go to our Wheelchairs page.

* "Used with permission from CBS Interactive, Inc., Copyright 2008. All rights reserved."

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