Fundraising: Let's Get Started

Got your Fund-raising Idea ?

So you have an idea you want to run with. Original or unique ideas can work well, and many well travelled non-original ideas can also be successful. Once you have your idea, you must settle on the date, time, location, and size of your event and register it with us by downloading our event registration form.

Going it alone ? 

If it is a small event you have in mind (a make-up night or boy's poker night), you may be able to set it up alone.  If it's sizeable or complex, you will need to involve a number of friends, family or work mates. They can help you to organise the event, act as a support team, and give advice (and you know they will!). You will probably want to assign specific tasks to individuals, such as publicity manager, time-line planner, administrator (file permission and legal documents), treasurer etc.. 


However many people are involved, from just yourself to a large group, it is important to plan your event. Decide on your financial targets, your time-line, people to approach, venue, ways to market or advertise, target audience, source of consumables like T-shirts and caps, etc. If you have a team, you need to make sure that everybody knows what is expected of them well in advance. 

Finance and Budgeting 

You need to decide early on what your financial target is. Having this in mind gives you and your team incentive to succeed. Draw up a budget  with all income – cash, free labour, donated items – and all anticipated expenses. The budget should include a 'contingency' amount, as some expenses will almost certainly come as a surprise or be in excess of expectations. Costs may include printing, postage, technical equipment, advertising, T-shirts, caps and the like, venue hire or catering. 

Think Safety and be Security conscious

The safety or your team and participants must ALWAYS be a primary concern. High-risk activities are not advisable and it is important to ensure the safety of your venue. We encourage you to take out insurance for certain activities. 

Be aware of your Legal Requirement

There are a number of laws and regulations relating to fund-raising for charity. It is essential that you comply with them when collecting for Easi-Cabs, as you are representing the organisation. Permission to use the Easi-Cab Logo must be sought before it is put on any printed or digital material. Also, you must state that the Easi-Cab Travel Club is a registered charity, number CHY 14796, on all printed materials related to your event. To comply with legal requirements, many fund-raising activities need special Permits from the Gardaí. These are available from your local Garda station. If collecting money on private property, you may also need to seek permission from the proprietor. 


If no-one turns up to your superb event, you have wasted a lot of time and effort.  You need to get the word out.  For your small event word of mouth may be enough.  For a larger event, it will not be sufficient.  You can use public notice boards, local radio stations,  local newspapers, shops windows, gyms, pubs, etc. The kind of advertising you do will depend on your event. Facebook and Twitter can be excellent ways of getting your message out there and gain more support and publicity. 

Managing the Event

A time-line for the day of your event, showing each 'step' and the timing, location, and who will be doing it, for distribution to each team member will help things go more smoothly and let you know during the event if things go off the rails. A list of contact numbers, such as venue contact person, emergency phone numbers etc. should be part of the time-line 

Have FUN

On the day, have FUN. You and your team deserve to enjoy it. 

Show your appreciation

When it's all over, make sure that you thank all of your participants , donors (of time and money and goods), volunteers, and team members. They will have put a lot of effort into the event and should be made to feel appreciated for their efforts. This can be done with a phone call or a letter or email, depending on the nature and scale of the event. 

Send Your Donation 

After your event, you will probably want to send the money to Easi-Cabs as soon as possible. You can do this by sending a cheque or postal order for the amount to:

Easi-Cab Travel Club
APC Building 
Southern Cross Business Park 
Boghall Road
Co Wicklow 

We are here to help you !

The Easi-Cab fund-raising team is available to give you support during every stage of your event. We offer advice on all aspects of your event including sponsorship, budgeting, ideas, themes, safety and legal issues. Let us know if you are running a fund-raising event for Easi-Cabs by downloading and filling in our event registration form. We can offer support, encouragement, and congratulations for your efforts. 

› Fundraising: Let's Get Started

› Fundraising: Let's Get Started