Special Olympics Figure Skating

Special Olympics Figure Skating

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Special Olympics figure skating is an incredible sport, which has grown in popularity over the years. The skaters will need to perform a collection of different jumps, spins and footwork, which is incredibly intricate and challenging. There are various different levels for the skaters to compete within.

The rules do not vary a great deal from the traditional Olympics. However, you need to understand the clear distinctions before competing in this event. All events, which are classified in this style of Olympics, are grouped in competition divisions. These consist of gender, age, and ability and ensure that everyone is placed fairly. The ability levels are the only clear difference between the two Olympics; however, it is often considered that all competitors in the Special Olympics are considered winners. This promotes a fair and sportsmanship bond between the competitors. In languages other than English and Russian, figure skating is usually referred to by a name that translates as "artistic skating."

There are several different stages that need to be competed in to receive a place in the Olympics. The skaters will need to work their way up from a beginner, to a senior level. However, there are several different junior skaters that are competing in the Special Olympics. The calming influence that the sport has is fantastic for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Alexander Buffington is a young skater with autism.  His figure skating abilities are incredible. This incredible youngster has competed in the Special Olympics figure skating competition and has won multiple medals. The unique freestyle that Alexander possesses is moving, and he already has a huge fan base.

The rules are very clear, and all skaters must understand the different eligibility elements to be selected. At level one, you will need to be able to perform a series of different skills, which will determine if they are ready. At further levels, you will have two attempts at the moves, as they are far more complex.

Alongside age eligibility, there are some other rules which will apply to your selection, and the competition at the Special Olympics. Some of the rules have been criticized. However, they are in place to ensure that everyone is in the right category for their age and ability. Once the rules have been understood, there is less chance of mistakes happening.

This sport has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and at the next Special Olympics, you will see many different skaters. There are both individual skaters and team skaters, competing for the prestige of being ranked highest. The sport has branched out and become an exciting sport for both competitors and spectators.

People who compete and follow the sport, hope that in future years it is adopted further, and that more people of all ages, backgrounds and disabilities enjoy the sport. The Special Olympics has grown over the years, and it is an incredible event, which attracts thousands of people.


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