Electric Wheelchair Football

Electric Wheelchair Football

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Electric Wheelchair Football, better known as Powerchair Football is a team sport played in an electric wheelchair.

A wheelchair that is used in this sport must be adapted with a foot-guard. This enables a player to control and hit the ball. A wheelchair cannot go over the speed limit of 10kph during the game. The foot-guard on the wheelchair must be made of unbreakable material. It must also be solidly attached to the frame of the wheelchair. It consists of two control bars and a shooting bar in the middle (essentially a rounded grill). It is positioned no lower than 5cm from the floor and no higher than 45cm.

Electric Wheelchair Football footguard.

A Powerchair Football team consists of four players, three outfield players and a goalkeeper. A match lasts for two twenty minute periods.</p>

Powerchair Football was first played in France in the 1970's. The popularity of the game spread around Europe before it moved across to Canada.

The equipment used in Powerchair Football is an electric wheelchair that has at least four wheels. A lap belt and foot-guard are also needed to participate in this sport. A football is also needed. It is not the same type of ball used in able bodied football as the ball used in Powerchair Football is an oversized football. It measures 13 inches in diameter.

The objective of the game is to score more goals than your opponents.

Classification in wheelchair sports is needed so that competition is on a fair and equal basis. Classification also helps structure the sport, so that all participants can enjoy the game.

The benefits of playing a sport while in a wheelchair are:

It helps to improve your mood.

It helps to relieve anxiety and depression.

It increases self esteem and self efficiency.

It also has sociological benefits. It helps to create new friendships and keeps the old friendships strong.

Participating in a sport while in a wheelchair also reduces the risk of chronic diseases. These benefits show that people in wheelchairs should be encouraged to take up a physical activity.


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