Bray amenities with wheelchair access

Bray seafront

Getting out and about to enjoy Bray amenities is easy with Easi-Cab. This part of Wicklow has always been associated with leisure activities and enjoyment.  Enjoying a trip down the Prom, meeting friends for a drink or a meal, or taking part in the many sporting or cultural clubs, theatres or galleries is what makes our town so special.  As a town it could be considered a 'pocket city' a microcosm of different interest groups and people that make it an exciting place in which to live or visit.


Most famous of Bray amenities, is of course the mile long Promenade. This beautiful stretch of wide paved and level waterfront walkway has seen a lot of improvements over the past few years that make the prom now fully accessible to wheelchairs. The area is well catered with Ice Cream Parlours, Cafés, Restaurants, and Pubs.  At the North end of the Prom is the Harbour, famous for its large number of swans and other water birds.  It is a popular boat and shore fishing location. Self-drive or skippered small boats are based in the harbour and can be hired from the Esplanade Hotel, Tel: 286 2056.

Restaurants, and pubs, are not generally  wheelchair accessible but those that are, like many of the hotels, provide good support for people with mobility difficulties.


It's a pity that the wheelchair accessible flag icon is not used on all website references to accessible premises.  After all, there's not much point in finding the menu you want if you can't get into the place.

A quick Google for restaurants returns almost forty places to enjoy a meal in the locality, ranging from coffee shops to the winner of the Readers Choice Award in the 2013 Food & Wine Restaurant of the Year Awards. However, only four of them declare that they are wheelchair friendly so it generally requires a phone call to check accessibility.  Don't be put off by the small percent of those flagged as accessible because there are many more that are accessible.  Many of the restaurants don't even declare that they take credit cards but they certainly do.


Unlike restaurants, you would not expect to find the majority of pubs in a google search. However, google does bring back at least ten of the more than twenty in the town.  These tend, I think to be the larger establishments. Again no indication of accessibility for wheelchair users. Please let me know your experiences and we will build up an accessibility guide for the town. Click on the link above to enter your comments.


There are five good hotels and numerous B&Bs in the town of Bray. There are also three other hotels within eight kilometres of the town centre. Click on details of Bray hotels for further information on these Bray amenities.


The Mermaid Arts Centre off the main street is a modern accessible building which has a full and very varied program of events throughout the year.  

For details of some accessible amenities around Ireland visit accessibleireland.

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