Accessible Vehicles

The design of Wheelchair Accessible vehicles (WAVs) has improved substantially over the years.  Some of the newer conversions allow the driver to remain in their wheelchair while driving.  While others provide front seat passenger space for the wheelchair user while remaining in their wheelchair.  With lowered floors the vehicles provide the wheelchair user with a more natural seating position with similar shoulder height to the other people within the car.

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Access for the wheelchair is very often through the rear door though some vehicles provide entry through the side door.

The ability to sit in the front like most passengers should be available to you. You use a wheelchair and want to get into a car with that wheelchair. Why should you have to choose between either sitting in the back on your own and shouting to the person driving, or sitting in the front and getting in and out through the boot with all the best bits of the car taken out to make room?

You want to do away with straps, with seatbelts that stretch across your neck. You want to sit as a passenger and not alone in the back with nothing around you. You want to look out of the front window, change the CD, turn on the fan, wind down the window. These aren't unreasonable things to want.

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